INICIO - Mission and Objectives

The field of action of ARNAIZ its focused on the development of Innovative Projects for the Cities and Territories of the future. The team, with over 37 years of experience, consists of collaborators specialized in urban transformation. Furthermore,  is supported by many companies involved as Partners in the development of the projects and activities.

Since its establishment ARNAIZ has worked tirelessly on the execution of urban development projects and the construction of housing, industrial, offices and amenities. It is worth highlighting that during the last 15 years the urban and real estate development in Spain have had much higher benefits than the rest of the European countries. Acquired Skills and Technologies applied in the legal, commercial, technical, urban, administrative and financial management aspects, as activities developed from a global approach, are nowadays useful for sustainable growth of cities in developing countries.

These countries have enough technical knowledge, but the number of experienced teams available to deal with the amount of plans, projects and works that have to be performed today is poor. The strategy of internationalization of ARNAIZ and its global knowledge have also the aim to transfer technology and training to local teams in each country through its systematic way of working and a policy of partnership with the country’s companies. For this purpose, the company has created the ARNAIZ Institute for Study and Research on training issues.